Expires (iOS)

An iOS app used to remind you before expiration dates

Juggling Soccer (iOS)

Specially created for 2014 world cup, juggling the soccer with 32 countries to choose from.

Countability (iOS)

An iOS app helps you to record the numbers in your daily life, such as how many coffee you had, then display the total/daily/monthly/yearly counts accordingly.

Log (iOS)

An iOS app helps you to write down/summarize your daily activities(life,work,etc)

sizeChecker (Linux/Windows/Mac)

a cross platform GUI tool to examine folder/disc usage on your system

bulkDownloader (Mac)

bulkDownloader helps you bulk download various types of files from a web page in one go.

BTCPocket (iOS)

A bitcoin price tracker app on iPhone, with intuitive swip gesture to navigate around.
It provides multi currencies/bitcoin real time price, currency exchange calculator, bitcoin price char in various time period, transaction history by given wallet address.



A Chrome/Firefox/Safari extension to prettify your tweets when using web browser. Come with a full screen, neat layout, showing only what really matters to you.

9:41am, apple time when apple launches its new products. serves as a timeline for apple products, you will find all apple products from apple day one.